The Yoga Stop of San Antonio is a unique yoga studio whose efforts are on building a better, more fit, and highly active yoga community.

At its core, The Yoga Stop combines strength, mobility, balance, endurance and agility.  Many of the programs offered have been described as "functional fitness meets yoga" that may include: squats, yoga burpees, mountain climbers or Spartan push-ups. 

You can also find a variety of classes on Meditation, Restoritive Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, SUBB (Stand Up Balance Board) Yoga, SUP Yoga, SUP Fitness, KaYoga and Family Yoga. 

Finding a physical and emotionally comfortable space is an important part of any one's yoga experience.

We offer unique workshops and trainings to broaden everyone's experience to help discover and nuture the best in everyone.  

Come enjoy the studio and be part of the growing community.

The Yoga Stop offers Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education Courses, and Yoga & Fitness Workshops. For more details and to sign up click here:

 Train with Us