The Okinawa Yoga Studio is a unique yoga studio whose efforts are on building a better fit and more active community.

At its core, it is about combining strength, mobility, balance and endurance vs flexibility and stretch. Our program has been described as functional fitness in addition to squats, yoga burbees, mountain climbers or Spartan push-ups, all in a Hot Yoga Studio. 

Finding a physically and emotionally comfortable space is an important part of your yoga experience. The Okinawa Yoga Studio provides the optimal space and environment for attending a class, workshop or yoga teacher training. You wont find another studio locally offering a HOT YOGA and  AERIAL SUSPENSION TRAINING,  or SUBB (STAND UP BALANCE BOARD) mix of classes. Come enjoy a class and be part of the growing community.

Join us in our upcoming  Yoga Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education Courses or Workshops in 2019! For more details and to sign up click here:

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