Services Offered by Chris Considine Fitness, Salty SUP n Kayak and The Okinawa Yoga Studio

  • Private Yoga Instruction, squadron or private group - By appointment
  • Hot Yoga, HOT CORE, HOT ROM or Habu HOT, HOT YIN
  • Aerial/Suspension Training 101, 102, 103- Become familiar in 101 or continue progressing with our 102 & 103  classes with the swing while building knowledge of foundational movements essential in the practice. Build strength and mobility while having fun! 
  • Aerial/Suspension Training Power Hour- This energetic class will challenge your body, mind and add a few skills to your repertoire. Full body workout that will increase your flexibility and strength as well as leave you de-stressed and energized. 
  • Aerial/Hanging Restorative- Restore your breath, restore your body, calm your mind. 
  • Guided Meditation in the Hammock, SUBB (Stand UP Balance Board) , Glow YOGA , Mindfulness Meditation, YOGA ON TAP
  • Ayurvedia 101, YOGA & Lunch Workshop- interested in learning abut the Ayurvedic Science (path to health) of yoga? Want to restore balance and create daily healthy habits? Also, you will learn about your specific needs through the workshop. Please join us in a 2 hour workshop with a brief yoga session and  lunch.
  • Offering yoga workshops, continuing education trainings, Yoga Teacher trainings. Train with us!
  • LEARN TO SUP,  SUP TOURS, SUP GLOW PADDLE PARTY, SUP YOGA, SUP FITNESS BOOTCAMP SERIES- Learn how to properly SUP and have fun exploring or glide and explore new parts of the island with a tour, take yoga to another level in SUP yoga,  or get a great workout with SUP Fitness.
  • Kayoga- Kayak to a private beach, pratice yoga, then kayak back,
  • Click here to learn more about all our current offerings. 

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